1. Damned If I Do

From the recording In Times Like These

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Damned If I Do

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Working so hard just to try and make a dime,
Staring out the window just to waste a little time
Feeling kind of stale with all this daily grind
Gotta make a change

Bank account is getting low, my car is getting tired
My mind is getting slow, will I be getting tired
Don’t know how I’ll pay the rent, don’t know what I will do
Gotta make a change
Damned if. . .
A friend gave me advice just the other day
Why not just split this scene and find another way
Going on the way you are will lead to much decay
Just make a change
Maybe I think too much maybe the way is clear
Maybe I’ll stick around and have another beer
Why do these decisions seem so hard for me to make
Just make a change
Damned if. . . 2 x’s
Driving in my car looking straight ahead
Same old route leaves me feeling kind of dead
Should I turn left or maybe to the right
Need to make a change
This town is closing in on me I’m feeling kind of stuck
Got too many bills to pay I’m running out of luck
Do I throw it all away and just say what the HEY
Need to make a change