From the recording In Times Like These

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I Won't Go Quietly

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Life is never easy
Ain't it the truth
I think I've got it covered
Then it gives me the boot
There's very little space between
Heaven and hell
Pick one door or the other
There's no way to tell
I won't knock on that door
Before my time is through

(pre chorus)
And if the devil tries to tempt me
I'll look him in the eye
"You won't get the best of me
So don't you even try
Move on aside
I'm coming through
I've got too much to do
To waste my time with you"

Cause I won't
Go quietly
No I won't
As long as I'm still alive
I won't
Go quietly
I've got too much to do
To waste my time with you!

Doing my best
Day after day
Spittin' out the words
When I got something to say, I got
Hell on my heels
Heaven is way up ahead
I just keep moving forward
I got too many days to spend

Pre chorus