1. Ian's Song

From the recording Lullaby

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Ian's Song

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A song I wrote for my son shortly after he was born


Life holds dear small, precious gifts
Tiny bundles of joy and life
In this world you tumbled so small and unsure
And I'm to help you along

Oh, my Ian, a babe you are
I will watch you grow to a man
See you through the good times, comfort through the bad
I will help you along

Never have I known before
Miracles and dreams
I didn't know that life could hold
The miracle of you for me
Never will I know again
The wonder that is you
As you grow I'll cherish every moment, everything you do

Oh, my baby, so small so innocent
At times life's road may seem
Cruel and long but
Happiness will find you, joy will be yours
And I will help you along

Oh, those eyes so wide, so curious
The tiny hands that will grow too soon
In my heart I'll keep you, small and unsure
I will help you along
So that happiness will find you, joy will be yours
I will help you along