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 I am a singer/songwriter and a veteran of the music business. After attending High School in North Bay Ontario, Canada (I am originally from El Paso, Tx. Long story for another time!) I started a professional music career and toured all over Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. When I returned to the States (another long story!), I toured with the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau country band all over the U.S., Mexico and throughout Japan and New Zealand.

While in Canada, I recorded some of my original music with my band Mirth. In the last two years I have recorded and released three Cds of original music, the latest one, "In Times Like These" was just recently released December 2017. All three Cds are available on the store page of my website.

I am a classically trained musician (on cello) and have played with various symphonies but my heart lies with folk and rock.  I have had several songs On Women of Substance Radio (two on the top 10 list!) as well as several other internet radio stations. I also have been added to the National Peace Registry for my song, Blame (very proud of that one!!) I live and breathe music, it's in my blood, it's what I do.

Sample video of some of the looping I do. There are more videos on the Video page.

 My latest album, "In Times Like These" is available in hard copy and download on my Store page!


3 Monkeys has been nominated for best Americana song in the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards!


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Computers, a tale of love and hate 

Out of necessity, I have been able to figure out how to do a lot of things on our computer. Built my own website (yep, those point and click instructions were mind bending, ha, ha!) Figured out how to get a decent sound on a digital recording system using an interface (I did have to figure out what the heck an "interface" was!) Figured out that an "update" was NOT dinner and a movie and that Lol meant "Laugh Out Loud" (honestly, I did have to ask when I first started on FaceBook!) Yes, I've come a long way. . . 

Not too terribly long ago, I wouldn't go near computers, I saw them as evil aliens. It was actually a Buddhist Nun who changed my mind. I was taking some classes in Buddhist Meditation that was being taught by Kelsang Chenma. I would stay after class and have some great conversations with her until one day she said she was no longer going to be teaching the class, someone else was going to take her place. Wanting to stay in touch, she asked for my email address. . .uh, email? And so my love/hate relationship with computers began! 

That was years ago but the lingo still boggles my mind. . .ethernet, WPS, DAW, hard drive, software, upload, download, SSID, security key, network key, gigabytes, megabytes, USB, flash drive, modem, router, it's a foriegn language! Not to mention a book FULL of passwords. . .ugh, the "p" word! 

It always seems that when you install a new device, the instructions take for granted that you KNOW these terms! That's when I shout, "CAITIE!" (my daughter) she is my tech help. She has saved me from throwing my computer out the window MANY times. 

But, I have come a long way. . . and have a long way to go. I do enjoy learning though, especially when I can apply it to music. I'm online, the music business is online and that, my friends, is the bottom line! I am all over the internet these days. . .Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify. . .it gets a bit overwhelming at times! 

Being "online" is only part of the music biz. . .being "visible" online is the other half. I won't even pretend to say I understand algorithms (yet another computerism!). . .but I DO know that the more interaction you get, the more visible you are so. . .if you like to go to YouTube, here's my channel. Or, if you prefer Facebook, or Instagram.The more interaction, the better! And if not mine, another favorite musician! Like, share, comment, it all helps being visible.

Speaking of music. . .I have been working on home recording lately. Although it's not without it's own set of frustrations, recording, for me, is much more intuitive to figure out than a lot of other computer based things. I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting. I recorded 3 cover tunes to submit to a special program put on by Women of Substance Radio called "We've Got It Covered." I did have them mastered by friend and fellow musician, Matt Steady (he is wonderful! Check out his music  HERE! ) I am proud to say that all 3 songs were accepted! It's the first time I have submitted my own home recordings and that makes this especially sweet! The program will air later this month and I'll be sure to let you know when. Just for you, I would like to share the songs now, before they air for everyone else. . . the mastered versions: 

Angel From Montgomery, The Book of Love, and Yellow 

I do hope you enjoy them, I had a lot of fun recording them! 

Guess that's enough rambling for now. 

So, until next time, 

Love always,