"I Won't Go Quietly" is unapologetically American. Alison Reynolds's voice is authentic, and so are the lyrics which she sings out with true emotion. Alison, coming from Las Cruces, New Mexico, makes you feel the dry heat on this track. Perfect for outside listening with a beer in hand, and takes me to the days where blues and rockabilly were at the top of charts. Artists like Alison keep this type of music alive, providing a great service to the music community. Rock and roll shall not go quietly. Bravo Alison.

Jacob Quint "Firesquid Blog"


Reynolds is incredibly talented, and her use of live looping paired with the cello and her vocals give her a truly unique sound, it draws you in and leaves you wanting more. The cello adds a haunting depth, and it takes the piece of music to the next level, I absolutely love Reynolds style, and I think you will too. ”

Carla Gordon-Cotter

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"The Music of Alison Reynolds is the product of an Intimate Synchrony of an Extraordinary Accomplished Talent that is so intrinsically intertwined with the Dulcet and Halcyon Sensuality of a voice that makes the music an Epitome of the Ritornello of Symphonious Genius and Artistic Imagination."

- Andrew JT Tsarn

Original songs

Alison Reynolds is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist based out of Las Cruces New Mexico. Her powerful vocals and intimate songwriting captivate the senses and touch the heart. Her energetic performances are highlighted by playing her cello, guitar, and adding rich harmonies through the use of a loop pedal. She is a one-woman orchestra, choir and, band! Unique in so many ways, her performance will touch your soul! 


Alison currently has three Cd's of original music out. All three Cd's are receiving radio play from stations in the US and the UK.  

Women of Substance Radio  

WHUM 98.5 fm Columbus IN 98.3 Seymour IN 

Lonely Oak Radio 

MD Spenser's Big Fat Wide Americana Hour 


Wigwam Radio 

 Her song, 3 Monkeys, on her "In Times Like These" Cd has been nominated for best song in the Americana category for the New Mexico Music Awards

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