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Love Makes It True

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Features Tim McKellar on bass and Sue Stokes Caldwell on background vocals


One soul is born as one soul dies
One’s full of laughter, one soul cries
One sees the sun, one sees the stars
But we all feel time passing
No matter where we are
Young soul or old
Near to us or far

One soul sees darkness, one sees light
One’s skin is black, one is white
All have blood running through our veins
We all feel such joy
And all feel much pain
Inside our hearts
Are beating much the same

CHORUS: Every one of us
Has an important part to play
Life cannot keep going on
Any other way
You are as much a part of me
As I’m a part of you
Life makes that so,
Love makes it true.

One soul lives north, one lives south
One soul is thin, one is stout
One’s eyes are blue, one’s are grey
We see the same clouds
We all feel the rain
With so much to lose
And so much to gain


When did we start to lose our way?
When did our hearts turn cold and grey?
We see the same sun and stars
Can we feel the same love
Even from afar
Can we hold the same love
In all of our hearts?